The artist

Jacques PiqueryJacques Piquery

Today, Jacques Piquery, painter and potter, has been living in Flamanville for over 40 years. Both his workshops are set up in buildings next to his house.
“I am a potter in the morning and a painter in the afternoon,” says the artist. The chronological order of work is inspired by the morning light that floods the annex, only a few meters away from the house. The man looks like a grandfather in children’s stories, white beard and mischievous look. Over thirty years ago, he left Caen, to settle down with his wife and children, in the almost desert hamlet, La Vallée. “I immediately imagined the workshops in the addition building, the potter’s wheel downstairs, near the window, and the paint shop upstairs.” Visiting the latter is reserved to the lucky ones: you have to climb a wooden ladder, head down, slip between the paintings, about 800, to finally reach the easel.

“I paint in silence. Art is an introspection, a breath. I learned to live by painting. I’m still looking for something, but what? “. His paintings depict nudes, self-portraits, interiors (his own home), when it’s too cold outside, and some landscapes: “The subject is a pretext to paint, the starting point. This is the material that matters.” The artist began the pottery when he arrived in La Vallée, in order to make living. After an internship with Pierre Lebigre, the construction of a furnace and the purchase of a wheel, Jacques Piquery began to shape pots, lamps and fountains. All these objects are exposed, as well as a selection of paintings, in a charming gallery open to the public, in the extension of the house.

Ouest-France, 27/08/2008